Talking about Managers!

In this webinar where we explored what it is that managers need to learn to better manage their staff.

The State Of The Global Workplace 2021 Report (Gallup) showed that 80% of employees are not engaged or are actively disengaged. In Western Europe, employee engagement sits at 11%. Scary numbers.

The same report showed that negative emotions – worry, stress, anger and sadness – reached record levels in 2020 (even pre-Covid these levels were concerning – negative emotions have been rising since 2009).

It will come as no surprise that managers play a critical role in affecting employee engagement and wellbeing. The CIPD Health & Wellbeing At Work Survey 2021 showed that stress remains to be the number one cause of workplace absence and management style is one of the main causes of stress.

So, if managers play such a critical role, what is it that employees need from them that they are not currently getting?

Through the lens of learning, we’ll think about the skills, knowledge and behaviours that managers need so that they can better manage their staff; and whether they are new or different to previously thought given how the external environment has changed over recent years.

We also looked at the impact of a manager’s own levels of stress on their ability to manage well and what they need to learn.
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