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Watch this video to see examples of orgvue in action demonstrating how the platform works for talent selection and transition management.

Talent selection and transition management is all about filling designed positions with the right people. It's about going from what your business could be to what it will become. orgvue allows you to assess the talent you have today, develop talent pools, manage your selection process and highlight risk.

See different positions in the organization, their status and the talent that is already allocated to them. Some people will be assigned to multiple talent pools. Using the orgvue drag and drop function it's possible to map people into your structure based on what the role requires. You can find the right talent by searching based on specific criteria, like skills, grade, location, preferences such as hybrid working and many others. When adding people to your structure talents can sometimes map to multiple workstreams at the same time.

One major advantage of orgvue is that once someone is selected for a role errors will be flagged for attention.

orgvue enables you to find the right talent and make objective and informed decisions by having all of your people data at your fingertips.

You can also identify critical and top talent based on their performance, potential and availability. When allocating talent to a specific position you'll be able to see the difference between how the position was originally designed vs how you actually set it up. This means controlling the risk from a financial perspective and identifying where you might be slipping against targets.

orgvue shows you the relevant preferences of your workforce such as relocation or working from home preferences which then able you to assess whether your decision is applicable to your talent.

Before your changes are actioned make sure you're in line with your design principals, like culture, business objectives and financial planning. You'll be able to ensure that you're impacting employees evenly without singling out any particular gender or ethnicity while guaranteeing that sensitive individual data is secured and is only accessible to the relevant people.

You can always go back to get a holistic view of your organization to clearly visualize how it's taking shape and identify if any specific areas are being left behind.

Finally you can share your progress with stakeholders by sharing powerful visuals to tell your story in an engaging way.

orgvue's talent selection and transition management capability doesn't only allow you to build your plan and manage your progress towards your 'to be' design but it also arms you with data to engage with stakeholders, track decisions and face the future fearlessly.

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