Taking control of your packages with {renv}, plus a dash of {pak} too!

Imagine putting in a lot of time and effort to complete a sophisticated data analysis or build a production Shiny application, and everything is working well. But once R is upgraded, and new versions of packages come down the pipe, everything comes crashing down. How can you ensure that the packages you depend on for your project stay on the same version for the life of a project? That is exactly what the {renv} package, authored by RStudio software engineer Kevin Ushey, solves for you! In this session, I share my practical advice on bootstrapping a new project with renv support, how you can leverage the cache for blazing fast package installs, and I even leverage the very popular {pak} inside of an {renv} project after a few tweaks. Plus we end with a little story time with Eric on some recent events in my work and the R community.

Originally streamed on the R-Podcast Twitch channel on 07-October-2021 - https://twitch.tv/rpodcast

Resources mentioned in the stream:
✍️ Demo repository: https://github.com/rpodcast/renv_learning
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