Takeoff in Tech: Modern Software Development - SDLC & Refactoring 101 for Beginners

In this session, software engineers from Zuhlke shared essential techniques on how you can optimise your coding process and get the most out of them as a beginner.

Join us on a walkthrough by Serhii Luhovyi on the modern Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) — a structured process for developing high-quality software.

- Overview of the modern SDLC
- How to apply different tools and techniques from management to collaboration, version control to testing and integration, delivery to deployment

In part II, Zack Chua will delve into Refactoring, a disciplined technique for restructuring a body of code. Learn practical tips on how to improve your code readability and reduce complexity, along with a live demo.

- What is refactoring?
- Why is refactoring important?
- When should you refactor?
- How do you refactor - with a simple demo

Asia's tech scene is booming, and Zuhlke is going behind the scenes with the region's tech and innovation talent. Join us at our #TakeoffInTech event series hosted by engineers at Zuhlke as they share personal experiences on their tech career path, recent developments and trends in the tech world, and practical takeaways for graduating students and those new to the industry to stay on top of the fast-moving tech landscape.

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