Tackling hospitality talent shortages - Shaping the future of hospitality careers

With the current backdrop of global hospitality recruitment and retention challenges, James Hacon, CMO of MAPAL Group joins guests Marc McCulloch of Hospitality Rising, Carly Pickering of Beers & Peers and Chris Gamm of Springboard in a discussion on how we can change perceptions of hospitality careers and how reshape the future of careers in the sector.

00:00 - James Hacon introduces our guests and their organisations

04:15 - Marc McCulloch talks about Hospitality Rising, a UK marketing campaign to encourage more people into the sector.

11:54 - Chris Gamm presents Springboard and the various hospitality training and recruitment campaigns currently underway.

19:37 - Carly Pickering talks about how Beers & Peers was founded, and how the organisation helps like-minded hospitality R and learning professionals to share ideas, challenges and solutions to the issues we all face.

26:09 - James Hacon outlines the underlying recruitment and retention issues the hospitality sector is facing and begins a Q&A session with our guests.

28:50 - Q1. What are the key challenges you face in attracting people into the hospitality industry, and which groups are you targeting? (Chris Gamm)

32:38 - Q2. From a marketing standpoint, what insights did you use as the basis for your Hospitality Rising efforts? (Marc McCulloch)

38:01 - Q3. What is the sector doing to change the perceptions of hospitality careers? (Carly Pickering)

40:50 - Q4. How can HR transfer people goals and company culture down to operations at floor level? (Carly Pickering)

43:20 - James Hacon addresses some questions and comments from the audience.

47:36 - Q5. What types of companies does Springboard work with and what structure do they need? (Chris Gamm)

50:30 - How can we retain talent in a competitive market? (all guests)
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