Tackling Challenges of Security Posture Management with BAS Solutions

The importance of being prepared for breaches grows with the constant evolutionary nature of costly cybersecurity attacks. According to the latest research from Enterprise Security Group (ESG), a vast majority of the organizations believe that they follow best practices for security hygiene and posture management, but only 47% consider security control testing a best practice for ongoing risk and posture assessment. The increasing complexity of the modern security stack only compounds this challenge as vulnerabilities in each security control open up a potential new opportunity for an attacker to breach the organization.

Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst and Fellow at ESG, and Yotam Ben Ezra, VP of Products at SafeBreach:

- Highlight some of the posture management challenges faced by
organizations today
- Discuss how the external attack surface is growing and is increasingly
vulnerable to exploitation
- Highlight why vulnerability management programs have room for
- Call out the importance of continuous security testing
- Highlight the role of Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) in effective
posture management
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