SXLive 34: Customer Service Management: Deliver Service with Quality to Improve Customer Success

Learn more: https://sxlive.com/ Customer Service Management is an optimal combination of technological systems, efficient resource allocation and organisational management with the ultimate goal of building a scalable successful company which will be as beneficial to both – the provider, as well as to the client.
The Support Organization: Customer Success at Scale
Over the years, many B2B companies have shifted investment from the support organization towards “customer success.” However, creating more silos in the organization might not be the answer to improving the customer experience. In this session, Daniel Coullet, VP of Customer Success at Qlik, will reveal how he sees support playing the role of customer success to drive improved business outcomes. He will discuss the tools needed for this transformation, and share some success metrics from his own experience implementing this vision at Qlik, a leading analytics platform provider.

Daniel Coullet, VP of Customer Success & Support at Qlik

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