Swept Under the Rug: The Truth About the Japanese Holocaust

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Viewing Guide:

The Precursor: 6:27 https://youtu.be/18Xe9HqW8Q4?t=387

The Precedent: 15:50 https://youtu.be/18Xe9HqW8Q4?t=949

Par for the Course: 34:11 https://youtu.be/18Xe9HqW8Q4?t=2051

The Doolittle Raids: 37:48 https://youtu.be/18Xe9HqW8Q4?t=2268

The Catastrophic Response: 42:57 https://youtu.be/18Xe9HqW8Q4?t=2577

The Rampant War Crimes Outside of the Massacres: 45:48 https://youtu.be/18Xe9HqW8Q4?t=2746

What Happened to the POWs: 50:34 https://youtu.be/18Xe9HqW8Q4?t=3034

Unit 731 and Others Like It: 58:13 https://youtu.be/18Xe9HqW8Q4?t=3493

The Totals: 1:10:04 https://youtu.be/18Xe9HqW8Q4?t=4204

But MOTHER OF GOD- WHY?!? 1:13:31 https://youtu.be/18Xe9HqW8Q4?t=4411

A Genuine Clusterfuck: 1:17:21 https://youtu.be/18Xe9HqW8Q4?t=4641

The Beatings will Continue Until Moral Improves: 1:23:16 https://youtu.be/18Xe9HqW8Q4?t=4996

The Troublesome Contrast: 1:27:58 https://youtu.be/18Xe9HqW8Q4?t=5278

The Distinction- What Do YOU Think? 1:35:23 https://youtu.be/18Xe9HqW8Q4?t=5723

How Did Unit 731 Justify Their Acts to Themselves? 1:37:50 https://youtu.be/18Xe9HqW8Q4?t=5870

The Surrender: 1:44:15 https://youtu.be/18Xe9HqW8Q4?t=6255

The Aftermath: 1:47:42 https://youtu.be/18Xe9HqW8Q4?t=6462

Who’s to Blame? 1:52:34 https://youtu.be/18Xe9HqW8Q4?t=6754

Why Did Unit 731 Officials Get Off Scot-Free? https://youtu.be/18Xe9HqW8Q4?t=7183

Bonus Fact: 2:06:16 https://youtu.be/18Xe9HqW8Q4?t=7576
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