Sustainable Enterprise Project of PKSF, by ESDO

PKSF’s Sustainable Enterprise Project (SEP), financed by the World Bank, provides assistance to micro-enterprises (MEs) of Bangladesh to increase the adoption of environment-friendly technologies and enhance their marketing and brand development capacity. Of the $130 million (BDT 1040 crore) budget of the project, the World Bank’s contribution is $110 million and PKSF’s is $20 million.

The 5-year project (2018-2023) will support 40,000 micro enterprises in the agriculture and manufacturing sectors with a special focus on environmentally stressed and vulnerable to climate change areas. Thirty sub-sectors have been identified for this project’s interventions. A Project Management Unit (PMU) has been formed at PKSF to administer the project.

Project Objective:
“To increase the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices by targeted microenterprises.”
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