Surveying the state-of-the-art metro depot | Pakenham East, Victoria

Throwback to working on the state-of-the-art depot in Pakenham East, Victoria with maintenance facilities that support the High Capacity Metro Trains.

Downer worked with Land Surveys for the management of all survey tasks and final QA deliverables for the build project. This included verification of design, earthwork volumetrics, clash detection, structural set out, and as-builts.

Volumetrics and aerial imagery were required every two to three days during the bulk earthworks phase to enable accurate measurements, as well as overall project and machinery planning. All installed underground services were required to be progressively surveyed for 3D position and collated into a central database for final handover to our client.

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Video transcription:

This whole depot here is about building capacity for the Metro network so that we can get more and more people in and out of the city and home every evening.
This project's been the biggest project I've worked on by far. It's been awesome because it's got everything you could imagine here for construction wise on utilities, railroads, structures. It's been good to be part of.

What we're building here on high-capacity metro trains is pretty important for the people of Victoria. Trying to be more efficient and run smoother and it'll be great for the overall transport network in Victoria. It's probably the first of its kind in Victoria at the moment.
The new, I guess the high-capacity metro trains. This hasn't been done anywhere else in the country before. So considering the new design and the new build that we had here, we're on target, we're on track, which is all the time that was set for us. And we’re still on target right now.
Land Surveys were a very big part of what we did here at the HCMT project. Pretty much every millimeter on the ground and above ground services have been picked up by the Land Surveys team.

We've gone the whole way with you guys from the start of the project to now, but we're in commissioning phase where you are doing still commission picking up building survey.
So they helped us build it from from scratch right up to the model stage where we were able to fly through buildings like this on the desktop from start to finish.

We've got an as-built now that shows us every single bit of this plant and where everything is when it comes to pits, cables, sewers, drainage. So right now, at this point in time, the Land Surveys team could provide us information on exactly what's underneath us on an iPhone or on a tablet. So, it's a very, very valuable piece of infrastructure they can give us.

Land Surveys added value just by being able to get those pick-ups and know exactly where something is. Skilled people, people that are really experienced and would adjust to whatever we needed. They were always straight to us and delivering what we needed all the time. Whenever we called them, they were pretty prompt, and they got out there straight away.

I don't think you can actually build anything like this without having a dedicated survey team available.
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