Supply Chain | Inventory Management | Inventory Management System

Supply Chain | Inventory Management | Inventory Management System
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All-in-one inventory management software
Stop running out of stock and start using inFlow

inFlow inventory software covers your work from every angle
Inventory management is a tough balancing act. You have to know what’s in stock, which orders are coming in, and when you might need to order more. If you’re having trouble keeping up with inventory and orders, inFlow is the software for you.

Fulfill from your phone
A smartphone that fulfills orders and update inventory levels on the spot.

Reorder ahead of time
Reorder points that help you define your minimums and reorder notifications give you the breathing room to order more.

Track Inventory and orders
A real-time picture of what’s in stock and where each product is, even across multiple offices or warehouses.

About inFlow Inventory
Looking for an inventory and order management system for your small or medium-sized business? inFlow is used in over 90 countries around the world for manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, ecommerce, and more. It's also simple to set up thanks to its cloud-based Windows, web, and mobile apps.

With inFlow you'll have the tools you need to track products quickly and accurately. Inventory features allow you to receive, transfer, or fulfill stock in real time—including from iPhone or Android devices. Manufacturing add-ons enable quick kitting and assembly. Built-in barcode generation and label printing make it easy to adopt barcodes for scanning. Customizable access rights provide team members with only the features they should use.

inFlow also has everything you need to stay ahead of orders. Ecommerce integrations centralize sales for simpler tracking and reporting. B2B Portals allow you to send customized prices and catalogs to specific customers. And reorder points help your teams submit purchase orders before you run out of stock.

Chat, email, and callback support are included with every subscription

inFlow Inventory is a full-fledged solution for inventory and order management. We offer a combination of software and hardware support to help SMBs track products, sales and production. You can use our apps on your desktop, browser, and smartphones to adjust stock, reorder products, and manage sales and purchase orders. Each of our apps is optimized for the task at hand, and we integrate with many of the top e-commerce platforms.

You can use existing barcodes or generate your own in just a few clicks, then start scanning products off the shelf with your smartphones or our specialized inFlow Smart Scanner. inFlow offers a full history of inventory movement for each product, and you can generate reports to see which of your customers or products are most profitable.

inFlow is powerful, but still easy enough that you can just start a trial and use it today. If you have any questions, we have a staff of inventory experts that are ready to help

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