STUMP SPEECH by Kevin Daryl Olazarán Gómez | MSICU UV

Hi, I'm Kevin Daryl Olazarán Gómez, User Centered Interactive Systems Master's Student in la Universidad Veracruzana.

In this video I want to tell you more about my project idea and why we should work together to help kids.

This activity was carried out for the subject User-Centered Project Management Skills.

- - - - - SPEECH SCRIPT - - - - -
Hi, Did you know that more than 75% of the population has experienced symptoms of social anxiety during childhood and early adolescence?
My name is Daryl Olazarán and I want to tell you a little about my idea for the creation of a virtual reality experience to help in the treatment of this condition in children.
Throughout my life I have met a wide variety of people who, like me, have had to face all those problems that come with social anxiety.
Knowing that the first symptoms can arise in childhood, it is vitally important to work with children to minimize and even stop this disorder.
Social anxiety is a health problem that impedes the optimal development of individuals. It can present with some symptoms such as fear, anguish and dizziness, stomach discomfort, among others. If left untreated, the disorder will eventually control the person's life, causing him/her to avoid normal social situations due to the discomfort it generates.
I am committed to developing a virtual reality experience that will help with the treatment of this condition in children through collaborative games.
As it is an eye-catching technology, children will have fun playing and will be able to develop properly. Thus, as they feel comfortable, therapy times will be reduced.
With your help, we will make an impact on society by creating happier childhoods and contributing to their proper development. Social anxiety is a problem that affects many people every day but I know that together we can work to make this idea real.
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If all this is interesting to you and you want to collaborate in this incredible idea, you can contact me at my personal email [email protected]
I am sure that with your help we will achieve great things. I remind you, I am Daryl Olazarán and I thank you for your attention.
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