studying like a philosophy student in the 1820s.

                  welcome home shifters , ✦ .  ⁺   .  .  ⁺

a new prologue of your unending shifting story has been written, 
                        a reality named .  .  

★ Knowledge
chapter Ⅰ.   knowledge is very evident in every word you speak regardless of how complicated a subject is. you don't even need to speak to showcase how intelligent you are because it shows on the way you stand, dress, or on every action you make. you give off a hot, silent person vibes who knows every answer but doesn't want to prove it. 

chapter ⅠⅠ.   ace mathematics, chemistry, biology, history, computer science, economics, psychology, philosophy, geography, law, physics, political sciences and any subjects you're studying. you always have vast knowledge about every subject, they're stored in your memory like files that you can easily recall and make use of when in need like during exams and quizzes.

chapter ⅠⅠⅠ.   you make use of your knowledge through the wisdom you possess; you don't only know things but also know when to use them. instirring in worthless drama is not your thing, you measure the value of things and prioritise what's more important. have the mindset of a champion: you acknowledge that not giving up is the key for self growth. you're motivated not just by the outcome but also the knowledge you'll get during the process of your hard work.

chapter ⅠV.   have solid concentration when you're studying; you can easily stop the temptation to procrastinate / distract myself and finish the work as you planned it to be. the universe does you a favor by preventing all kinds of interruptions during your study session, keeping you focused on school work. 

chapter V.   you have commendable time management skills, it keeps you separate school works and other activities without overlapping them. your good knowledge in time management lets you provide time for yourself, for friends, and for your relatives without dropping in academics. 

chapter VI.   you constantly get academic validation without putting in so much work and draining yourself like before. everyone acknowledges your effort in school and you get praises for each score you make no matter how small or big it is.

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