Student Organization for Behavior Management - Classroom Strategy

Student disorganization can lead to off-task behavior and inattention. Let’s see how Rachel helps her students stay organized with procedures and rules that promote classroom success!


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Teachers can maintain an organized classroom environment, only to have their students’ personal disorganization derail those efforts. While student disorganization isn’t misbehavior, it can lead to off-task behavior due to distraction. It can also lead to lost assignments and lower academic performance. Organization is learned, so you can promote these skills with student procedures, enforceable rules, and ample praise of good organizational habits. Teaching students to self-organize, while providing structure in your classroom design for materials organization, will help you manage student behavior and give students their best chance at academic success.

In this strategy, teachers provide clear procedures for completing and turning in work, as well as self-organization tools such as binders with pockets for work, and planners. They rehearse these procedures often, and consistently provide both rewards and consequences for timely work submission and bringing the correct resources to class each day. They reward students on a whole-class basis as students become more independent self-organizers!

1) How can I tell if a lack of organization is causing a student’s off-task behavior or academic difficulty?
2) How can I start a conversation with my student about personal organization?
3) How can I design my classroom for organizational success?

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