Student Led Class- Rethink, Recreate and Reinvent. | Ranjita Gharat | TEDxKhargharWomen

Ranjita Gharat is a passionate enducator with 16 yrs of teaching experience.
In this she talks about how her own skill based learning bagged her the Gold medal in her subject and her experiences have transpired her into a warm and forward thinking educator who believes that the holistic education requires shift of focus from content delivery to skill development. She is of the conviction that learning journey becomes engaging and effective when the ownership of learning is in the hands of students. She is a passionate educationist with 15 years of teaching experience and a demonstrated history of creating student centric learning atmosphere with effective use of interactive systems. She is a gold medalist and university topper in her subject.

Her endeavour is to empower students to become critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

Being awarded the -" Best Teacher" for her contribution under the Project SEARCH supported by TERI during the year 2012 helped her in creating a learning environment that would be conducive for students to develop life skills and become global citizens.
She is also a Power parenting coach and fellow research associate with Cracslab. She provides solutions based on assessment for kids from age group 3-15 yrs based on their strong mental ability and learning nature. How to engage them in mindful activities away from gadget addiction. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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