Structural Management® Certification Module 3 Preview - The Structural Fingerprint® Exam


This is an excerpt from Dr. Maggs' New Structural Management® Certification: Module 3 - The Structural Fingerprint® Exam.

This certification program will:
• Show you how to use the most advanced technology available in sports today.
• Help you to provide a simpler message to your patients as to what’s causing their problem and how you are the best to “fix” their problem.
• Help you become the most advanced trained sports Dr. in your community.

Module 3 Description
This is the only biomechanical exam available in the country today and will detect many biomechanical faults that will play a part in any person’s future. Uncovering this information allows a patient to more clearly understand why they hurt, what needs to be “fixed” and how to keep their musculoskeletal systems healthier throughout their lifetime.

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