Structural considerations of assorted risk management strategies

• What tools are available to hedge #longevityrisk? How should these transactions be structured? How to assess value in assorted products
• Scheme funding vs #riskmanagement: how much risk should you look to transfer? How much of your #pension assets do you need to hold on to? What is the sweet spot for sponsors, trustees and providers?
• Addressing structural challenges with partial buy-outs or longevity swaps – how easy is it really to flip a longevity swap into a bulk annuity?
• Understanding the role of consolidators in the value chain

Join John Chilman, Chief Executive Officer, RPMI; Paul Rogers, Director, Pensions Risk, BT; Jay Shah, Chief Origination Officer, Pension Insurance Corporation; Guy Coughlan, Chief Risk Officer, USS and moderator Paul Kitson, Partner, PwC to find out more.

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