Stress Causes and Management at Work | Meditation in the Workplace

What are the causes of stress and how can one manage them at work? What does meditation in the workplace look like?

When you have a stressful job and anxiety in the office it is recommended to try and incorporate mindfulness strategies that can help manage your level of mental wellbeing at work - qs job stress can affect your health.

Satpal was invited to be a keynote speaker at a mindfulness conference on how to reduce stress in the workplace. This talk covers:
00:00 Satpal's background in spirituality
06:26 What is stress?
13:24 How stress affects my body
16:23 What causes our stress?
21:19 How to treat stress and anxiety
28:06 Expectations VS reality of life
37:37 Managing our stress
45:53 How can meditation help?
53:12 Guided meditation to calm your mind

- - -
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