Streamline Operations with Forms: The Ultimate Client Management Tool | Training Webinar

Time Stamps:

1:53 Learning Objectives
3:58 How can Forms change your business?
6:05 Automatically send Forms
9:45 Accessing Forms in WellnessLiving
10:20 Forms Hub
11:49 Add a new Form
15:45 Automating Forms
24:15 Q&A Break
28:05 Forms Responses
32:36 Staff view
36:45 Client view
41:10 Staff rules
43:02 Notifications
45:12 Wrap up on Forms
47:00 Q&A

Are you jumping platform to platform to manage your forms?

In this video for our latest training webinar, you’ll learn how to optimize your business by using Forms, the ultimate form builder tool to create, collect, and track all your digital forms in one place.

Are you ready to make the switch to WellnessLiving?

Book a demo today and learn how Forms can streamline your business.

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