Strategic Gridlock? Discover the Tools You Need to Drive Product Decisions

Paul Ortchanian, CEO, Bain Public speaking at UXDX Community (https://uxdx.com)

Many CEOs will tell you that they’re the best-informed people when it comes to knowing what customers need — and that they’re in the best position to drive decisions on product priorities. What happens here is that these expectations and this type of behaviour become the primary contributor to product strategy gridlock.

Often people will become product managers by default rather than through decision. What the CEO needs to do is shift their focus toward building the product leadership team, empowering the product manager to think strategically and focus on features that map and complement a ‘high level’ strategic baseline they set for the product.

When there’s no solid product leadership team in place, it can lead to several challenges in the product delivery, from internal politics and lack of prioritization to miscommunication and inadequate discipline. When you have a confident product leadership team who can build and nurture the product team, drive product strategy and processes, grow cross-functional collaboration and accomplish successful goal alignment, then nothing can get in the way of product success.
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