Stockholm+50: Foreseeing the Future of Our Responsibility & Opportunity (30 November 2021)

We would like to thank the following high-level and expert panellists and organizations for their valuable contributions to the Stockholm+50: A 2-Part Nexus Dialogue Series:

Stockholm+50: Foreseeing the Future of Our Responsibility & Opportunity (30 November 2021)

Moderator: Mr. John E Scanlon AO, former Secretary-General of CITES, CEO, Elephant Protection Initiative Foundation & Chair, UK Government Challenge Fund

• Ms. Haruko Okusu, Principal Coordination Officer, UNEP
• Ms. Johanna Lissinger Peitz, Ambassador for Stockholm+50, Senior Advisor at Ministry of Environment, Sweden
• Mr. Adil Najam, Dean, Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies, Boston University
• Mr. Adnan Amin, former Director-General, International Renewable Energy Agency and Senior Fellow at Harvard’s Belfer Center
• Mr. Arthur Dahl, President, International Environment Forum
• Ms. Paola Deda, Director, Forests, Land and Housing Division, UNECE
• Ms. Joan Carling, Environment and Indigenous Rights Defender
• Mr. Benjamin Schachter, Associate Human Rights Officer, OHCHR
• Ms. Zinta Zommers, Humanitarian Affairs Officer, Anticipatory Financing, OCHA
• Mr. Felipe Gómez Gallo, President, Student Platform for Engineering Education Development (SPEED), nominated by Youth Constituency, UNEP
• Ms. Sara Cognuck González, Climate Youth Activist from Costa Rica, UNICEF Consultant, nominated by UNICEF

Special thanks to UN EMG team for development, organization, and coordination:

• Ms. Ligia Noronha, Secretary, EMG Secretariat
• Mr. Hossein Fadaei, Head of Office, EMG Secretariat
• Ms. Jannica Pitkanen, Programme Management Officer, EMG Secretariat
• Ms. Anna Kaplina, Programme Management Officer, EMG Secretariat
• Ms. Nina Arden, Nexus Dialogue Sr. Consultant, EMG Secretariat
• Mr. Michael Williams, Sr. Communications Consultant, EMG Secretariat
• Ms. Fatema Johara, Administrative Assistant, EMG Secretariat
• Mr. Carl Giardina, Intern, EMG Secretariat
• Ms. Marie Clerc, Intern, EMG Secretariat
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