Stock Valuation | Principles of Finance | Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management. BBA (Class 03)

This video is for Valuation of Common Stock and Preferred Stock Principles of Finance Bangla Tutorial (Class No-3)

Common Stock
Common stock represents shares of ownership in a corporation and the type of stock in which most people invest. When people talk about stocks, they are usually referring to common stock.
In fact, the great majority of stock is issued in this form. Common shares represent a claim on profits (dividends) and confer voting rights. Investors most often get one vote per share
owned to elect board members who oversee the major decisions made by management. Stockholders thus have the ability to exercise control over corporate policy and management issues compared to preferred shareholders.

Preferred Stock
One main difference from common stock is that preferred stock comes with no voting rights. So when it comes time for a company to elect a board of directors or vote on any form of corporate policy, preferred shareholders have no voice in the future of the company. In fact, preferred stock functions similarly to bonds since with preferred shares, investors are usually guaranteed a fixed dividend in perpetuity.

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