Stock Market Trading Predictions For This Week, How To Make Money Ahead Of Earnings, CPI & Recession

It's time to get ready for a BIG TRADING WEEK in the #stockmarket & sitting on the sidelines is A HUGE MISTAKE.

CPI data, the beginning of earnings season, more Twitter (TWTR stock) drama with Tesla CEO Elon Musk and don't forget...a Pending or Maybe Current #RECESSION & possible continued #stockmarketcrash for 2022 are all part of the equation but so is being able to find the best stocks to buy and how to trade them, with a little segment we call “IF I TRADED IT”. Some of the most popular stocks could be set for a massive breakout or huge market sell-off & tonight we’ll discuss several in detail including #TSLA stock, #DWAC stock, #ORMP. We’ll break down the #AMC stock forecast and discuss how we would trade #SIGA stock if it is on our top stock watch list on Monday.

How you position yourself right now could determine how you build wealth for years to come! This recession that everyone is fearing - the same recession that the financial news and stock market news media is using to create fear and to generate more views and clicks so that they can make #Money - has the potential to be one of the greatest wealth building opportunities YOU will ever experience!

Every attempt to buy the dip which has worked all throughout the pandemic has mostly failed in 2022 and going long which again worked during the pandemic for most every Stock no longer works!

What Do Retail #Traders & #Investors Do Now?!

Psychology is a HUGE part of being a successful trader or investor and that’s why a proper stock market education has become the gold standard in producing some of the wealthiest & most successful investors and traders in history. Panicking when there's a stock market crash or chasing a wild bull stock market rally are ways that novice traders and investors lose money in the stock market.

Just like Warren Buffett says be greedy when others are fearful and right now this quote has never been more true! NOW is the time to get cashed up to take advantage of discount pricing when the stock market crash is over. "Smart money" says that it starts with the right stock market education.

NOW is the time to start learning how to day trade, how to swing trade, and how to invest in stocks, options and futures when the stock market is down. Taking advantage of bear market rallies and capitalizing when stocks crash lower is how to generate cash for when the stock market bottom is in & you can begin investing like "smart money" does.

What To Expect In The Stock Market This Week!

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