Steps to Success: Driving business transformation through learning technology

Ensuring that a new learning platform is going to deliver the desired impact starts well before day 1. Whether you’re researching new partners, deep in the process already or thinking about it for the future, we’re going to share with you some best practices that will set you up for success. Join the conversation with THRIVE’s Ashley Parker and a selection of THRIVE customers who’ve been through the process, to explore;

- How to align your objectives with the rest of the business - coordinating departments, identifying desired user experiences and choosing a platform that is right for you and your business.
- What to prepare for workshops
- Getting support and commitment from your stakeholders
- Harnessing the right data to create your user experiences
- Navigating platform migration challenges
- Starting on the right foot

Ashley Parker - Head of Implementation, THRIVE
Nick Holmes - Global Head of Career Experience, Fishawack
Helen Gilbert - Digital Learning Manager, Fishawack
Peter Harris - Learning and Development Partner, The Works
Ashley Murray - Workforce Development Manager, Middlesbrough College
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