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There is a shoe store in the quaint hamlet of Danville that is tribute to the resilience of family, commitment, and a love for fine footwear. For more than 38 years, Mason Brothers Footwear & Apparel has provided the neighborhood, originally known as Town & Country Shoe Outlet.

When our parents, John and Pat Mason, established Town & Country Shoe Outlet in 1982, our tale officially began. We set out to provide our consumers with a distinctive shopping experience from the get-go, highlighted by refurbished shoes, factory seconds, closeouts, and top-tier footwear in Danville. My brother Greg and I rolled up our sleeves as teenagers to work on the sales floor as well as in our repair shop where we meticulously repaired and refurbished shoes for sale.

Tragedy struck in 1985 when John Mason passed away suddenly while working at the store. Our mother Pat Mason, a determined matriarch, took the reins, ensuring her sons' college education and successful careers. In 2015, Greg and I acquired the store from our mother, allowing her to retire. Linda, my wife, continued the legacy by taking on management duties and guiding us into the digital era. Hunter, our son, joined the family business, ushering in a new age marked by the creation of our online store.

Our Product Range

Over the years, Mason Brothers Footwear & Apparel has developed into a household name for premium footwear and clothing. We take pride in providing a wide variety that meets the various demands of the Danville community. The following gives you a taste of what to expect when you visit our store or go through our online catalog:

Men's Shoes: Our selection of men's shoes in Danville provides options for every event and fashion taste, whether you're seeking for formal shoes that have stood the test of time, durable work boots, fashionable sneakers, or cozy casual footwear.

Women's Shoes: Our range of Danville women's shoes includes everything from classy heels to useful flats, sports shoes to beautiful boots. Every woman, in our opinion, should present herself in the best possible light, and we're here to help.

Children's Shoes: We are aware that developing feet require comfortable support. At our shoe store in Danville we have a wide selection of children's shoes includes alternatives for newborns, toddlers, children, and teenagers, ensuring that they remain cozy and fashionable at every step of their growth.

Work Boots: Mason Brothers is the best place to go if you need reliable, durable work boots work boots for men in Danville. Both men and women can choose from our collection of work boots, which are built to resist the most demanding professions and offer unmatched comfort and safety.

Sneakers: People of all ages now use sneakers as an essential part of their wardrobe. You may find a variety of shoe designs at our sneaker stores in Danville, from traditional styles to the newest trends, ensuring that you always look and feel your best, no matter the situation.

Our Commitment to Service

At Mason Brothers Footwear & Apparel, we recognize that choosing the ideal pair of shoes is a personal experience rather than merely a business transaction. We take the time to comprehend your wants, tastes, and particular demands in order to make sure you leave our Danville shoe shop or website happy and assured that you made the appropriate decision. We provide:

Expert Guidance: Our staff is knowledgeable about our product line and can offer expert guidance on choosing the ideal shoe for your unique requirements.

Fitting Services: We recognize the value of a flawless fit. Finding the ideal size and width for your comfort is something our team can help you with.

Repair and Maintenance: Just like in the beginning, we continue to provide repair and upkeep services to keep your beloved shoes in top shape.

Personalized Recommendations: We can provide specific recommendations to match your choices for design and comfort, whether you require men's shoes near me for business, a special occasion, or everyday wear.

Our Transition to Mason Brothers Footwear & Apparel

We underwent a substantial transition in November 2020 more accurately portrays who we are now and by rebranding our business as Mason Brothers Footwear & Apparel. This transition more accurately portrays who we are now and what we stand for—a multigenerational family company dedicated to offering top-notch footwear near me and clothing to the Danville neighborhood and beyond.

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Our hardworking staff at our shoe store near me is ready to help you find the ideal pair of work boots, sneakers, formal shoes, or everything in between. We are proud of our heritage, dedication to customer care, and extensive product selection that meets all of your footwear demands.


Mason Brothers Footwear & Apparel
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