Stefanie Bertram Founder SHE COACHING HIM

Androgynous leadership - SHE COACHING HIM is an individual and exclusive coaching program for top managers where intensive 1-on-1 sessions will enrich the traditional masculine leadership skills with feminine leadership qualities, to become a more complete leader.

SHE COACHING HIM an individual and exclusive coaching program.

Designed for top executives SHE COACHING HIM is unique of its kind. SHE COACHING HIM focuses exclusively on top male executives wishing to expand their management style. The format includes intensive 1-on-1 sessions and will enrich the traditional masculine management skills with feminine leadership qualities. The outcome will be a more balanced and complete leader. The coaching sessions will involve coaching, individual awareness and a multitude of practical and educational insights.

The coaching sessions will be tailor made to individual requirements within a set framework of core discussion/learning points
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