Steel structure rake flake ice system 3D video

The ice rake system is generally used in conjunction with ice making equipment and installed in the ice storage cold storage. It can effectively use space to store ice. When a large amount of ice is needed in a short time, the ice storage cold storage can automatically deliver ice to meet the demand for ice.

Main Features
1. The ice rake machine adopts modular design, which is easy to assemble and maintain; the parts are processed by CNC machine tools with high precision and avoid welding defects.
2. Using high-precision bearings imported from Japan, the mechanism runs smoothly and has long service life.
3. One key to start the ice storage mode. After the ice cubes fall into the ice storage, the ice rake automatically runs according to the signal instructions provided by the sensor, and automatically stops when the ice storage reaches the maximum.
4. One-button start of the ice release mode, the ice blocking door opens automatically, the ice rake runs automatically according to the signal instruction provided by the sensor, and automatically stops after the ice output is completed, and the ice blocking door returns to its position.
5. Smart electric control screen, simple and easy to use.
6. Monitoring equipment is installed in the cold storage, which can check the working conditions of the equipment in real time, which is convenient for maintenance and management and safe production.
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