Statistics - Introduction to Data Management Part 1 (Organization of Data)

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Sa Mathematics in the Modern World video series na ito, ating pag-aaralan lahat ng basic at advance concepts ng subject na ito. This course deals with the nature of mathematics, appreciation of its practical, intellectual, and aesthetic dimensions, and applications of mathematical tools in daily life.

Mathematics in the Modern World Table of Contents:
Nature of Mathematics
Lesson 1 Patterns
- https://youtu.be/kQcqxvari14
Lesson 2 The Fibonacci Sequence
- https://youtu.be/6e3fM6leCSg
Lesson 3 Mathematics for our World
- https://youtu.be/fXEeWPzlQ8Q
Lesson 1 Introduction to Data Management (Organization of Data)
- https://youtu.be/AUZ76fg0nKU
Lesson 3 Measures of Dispersion
- https://youtu.be/2ozR-ZrpD_M
Lesson 4 Measures of Relative Position
- https://youtu.be/msFAqB27k2s
Lesson 5 Linear Regression and Correlation
- https://youtu.be/vzVL67Rwvlc

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