Stationeers Europa - Expanding The Grid // EP17

Stationeers Europa is a YouTube series adapted from a Twitch stream. Stationeers is a game about the construction and management of a space station. It has complex atmospheric, electrical, manufacturing, agriculture, and gravitational systems require your thought and management at all times! For this series I'll be playing on one of Jupiter's frozen moons, Europa, with no mods and on the Stationeer difficult (hardest). This series isn't specifically a 'tutorial series' but for new players to Stationeers I suspect there will be a lot to learn.

This series is also casual one where I am not looking for feedback about gameplay mechanics, despite the fact that I am playing on Stationeer difficulty. I haven't played the game in almost a year so I am very rusty and this series is a result of the Viewers' Choice poll meaning I hadn't planned on playing either.

» Additional rules:
- No advanced furnaces
- No integrated circuit chips.

» Goal:
- Build a self sustaining outpost on Europa.

» Difficulty:
- Stationeer.
- Food/Hunger 50%

» Game Version:
- 0.2.3036.15111 ( Not Beta Branch )

» Viewer Driven Content
Viewers will be able to help influence the direction and vote on how certain situations are handled. If you would like to influence the direction of this series I welcome you to join me on stream. This series is streamed live on https://twitch.tv/rhadamant5186

Stationeers Europa Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHqSuWJSw8SAkDFgV94LPgzja4Chc4z0Z

This series is streamed live on https://twitch.tv/rhadamant5186

My full schedule: https://rhadamant.com

If you would like to join my community please consider visiting my website or joining discord! If you'd like to support me as a content creator Patreon always helps as well.




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