STAS: When You Dread Walking Your Dog

Help! Walking my dog is stressful! How can we get past this?

For many of us getting a dog consisted also of a dream of daily walks, adventures with this newfound canine friend, that would be fun, harmonious and peaceful. The isn’t always the reality.

This episode will empower you and give you the step-by-step breakdown of how you’re going to transform your daily walks from stress-full to stress-free!

How can you start your walk in the right way?

What does a walk mean for you?

How is the walk moving your dog in the direction they need to go for their training?

Is your dog rehearsing behaviour that isn’t what you’d like to see? What are some awesome, healthy alternative solutions to those crazy, chaotic walks?

This episode is immense in the value that it offers. We know you’re going to love everything and you’ll be on the edge of your seat, ready to take action and achieve real-life results!

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