SPY Vs VOO: Which of Warren Buffett’s Two ETFs Are a Better Bet?

Plus, what will Vanguard do in 2024, and are Home Depot, Nvidia and Walmart stocks a buy right now?

Walmart shares are overvalued, but Nvidia and Home Depot are fairly valued. Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway released its 13F for Q42023, and only two ETFs were on it – one of them earns the coveted Gold rating.

00:20 Walmart’s Q4 Exceeded Expectations
01:11 Nvidia’s Stellar Quarter and AI Demand
02:28 Home Depot Felt Macro Pressures in Q4
03:28 Berkshire Hathaway Releases Its 13F
04:10 SPY and VOO
06:02 People and Process Pillar Ratings
07:55 Why Does Vanguard Have a Better Rating?
09:05 Structural Differences Between SPY and VOO
11:40 Outlook for Vanguard in 2024
12:48 Vanguard’s 2024 International Business Outlook
14:33 Advice in 2024

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