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Introducing the secret manager in Splashtop Secure Workspace, a powerful tool for securely storing and accessing sensitive information.

In this demo, we will guide you through the organization vault usage and provide an introduction to the secret manager's features.

The secret manager offers two types of vaults. My Vault and an Organization Vault. My Vault is owned by individual users, while the Organization vault is created for organizations and owned by organization admins and super admins.

During the demo, the admin creates a new organization named myorg, resulting in a corresponding vault listed under secrets. A folder called myorg-share is then created within the myorg vault with permissions allowing all users to access it with red permission.

Next, a secret note called Quickstart Notes is added to the folder to assist the organization admin in utilizing the secret manager effectively.

New secrets can be added to the root of the myorg vault, completing the initiation of the folder and organization vault. At this point, the root folder contains one subfolder with a single note and one secret to enhance security and control.

A secret policy is established allowing assignment to individual secrets or folders. Each secret policy has a unique name and provides three types of controls: read, write, and permission. Conditions such as time, location and browser requirements can be specified to restrict access to the secret.

Furthermore, a folder named Privileged Secrets is created to store privileged accounts accessible only by admins such as root or service accounts. The folder is assigned to all organization admins with read, write and admin permissions, and the recently created secret policy is applied to provide additional protection.

In a scenario where the password needs to be shared with someone lacking workspace access, a link share configuration is generated. This configuration includes details such as the name allowed access time usage, expiration date, and a secure phrase for authorized access. Reviewing the generated link allows for a comprehensive overview, including the link secret. The share configuration can be modified or revoked as required.

Lastly, the Password Health Report feature offers insights into password strength and security. Users are empowered to take necessary actions such as updating passwords that have been leaked or breached on the dark web. Splastop Secure Workspace periodically checks if users have run the password health report and automatically reminds them to do so if they haven't performed the check recently.

The secret manager provides robust functionality by ensuring secure storage and management of sensitive information. With its zero knowledge architecture, secret policies and password health reporting, you can maintain the utmost security for your organization's secrets.

Thank you for watching this demo of Splashtop Secure Workspace. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to contact our support team.
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