Spicy Tech Industry Secrets from a Technical Program Manager

If you've ever wondered what the life of a technical program manager is like, and how to work with them, here's an interview with a TPM!

00:00 Introduction
01:45 What is a Technical Program Manager (TPM)?
05:54 The Early Days of TPM
10:50 How YOU can help your TPM
15:40 Help your TPM for selfish reasons
20:28 Directors, VPs, and other high level managers
22:40 What those managers want
25:55 Example technical program management career paths
29:29 PMP Certification (Project Management)
30:15 Evolution of DevOps and Technical Program Management
31:34 Main skillsets for becoming a Technical Program Manager (TPM)
36:55 A normal day in a TPM's life
41:03 TPMs, Product Managers, and Engineering Managers
43:35 Engineering Managers and Baby Turtles
45:30 Women + other Minorities in Tech
51:49 Stress Baking!
52:28 Conclusion
54:29 Linode Offer


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