Spencer Graham Explains DAOhaus Approach To Onboarding, Governance, Organizing & Governance Token

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Spencer Graham, a Core Contributor at DAOhaus. We had an exciting and insightful conversation with Spencer about the DAOhaus approach to onboarding, governance, and organizing. We also discussed the usability and composability of Decentralization.

Spencer first got into DAOs about two years ago, in June 2020. In the previous two months, he began to participate in the Web3 and Ethereum ecosystem after several years of consuming information on the side while working on a couple of projects.

Spencer joined the DAO without having the language to understand what he was experiencing in the beginning, and now does now retrospectively, and what he was feeling was this incredible combination of freedom and autonomy inside of the DAO combined with the ability to create strong connections and alignment with several other people that he had never met before.

After a few months of working with Raid Guild working on client projects, he got an opportunity to start contributing to DAOhaus. People from Raid Guild DAO started DAOhaus.

Spencer believes that DAOhaus was and is still the best way for him to help build things that allow other people to have those experiences.

"DAOhaus is a home for what we call purpose-driven community DAOs. Purpose-driven means focused or prioritizing a shared purpose; that could be building a product or serving clients in different ways as Raid Guild does. That could be just living shared values or being in a social club. It could be many things, but the idea is that the DAO has a community; has a purpose that they are trying to achieve together; that purpose might be multivariate..."- Spencer

He also described DAOhaus as a no-code platform to launch or summon a new DAO of a particular type and then use that DAO over the course of the life of that DAO - creating proposals, managing treasury, paying contributors, compensation making, potentially making investments from treasury et cetera.

According to our Spencer, DAOhaus DAOs, are constructed like a token, but it is more like shares or stake, so in a DAOhause model, there is no governance token by default. A DAOhaus DAO membership is defined by having a share or stake in the DAO.

"I would like every organization to be a DAO. I think that would create a significant improvement in the overall welfare of humanity. I do not know if it's appropriate for every organization to be a DAO; I guess one way to think about it is that the DAO concept allows you to create any existing organizational structure inside of a DAO concept. The most important thing, at least to me makes a DAO is, I guess two things; one is that everybody who is in the organization or in that community has a share of the executive power or at least has the ability to delegate some of that power to an individual or a small group and revoke it..."- Spencer

Spencer shared another reason, explaining that all the crucial operational information is transparent or visible and accessible to everyone in the community and other people outside the community. He expressed that those two things are basically impossible without Blockchains and Smart Contracts, so he believes those are the big innovations.

Enjoy this episode with Spencer, who shared what carved his passion and interest in DAOs. He also explained the vision behind DAOhaus, and their onboarding, organizing, voting, and decision-making approach. Spencer also discussed the challenges faced when forming a DAO and what DAO governance is all about.

Getting to the close of our insightful DAO conversation with Spencer, he also defined Governance Token and how token ownership shapes the direction of a DAO. The conversation ended with Spencer sharing his perspective on whether or not all organizations should be a DAO.

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