Special Amazon Product Research & Product Launch Q&A with Jason Mastromatteo & Dan Peskorse


Highly experienced digital business and successful management professional recognized for consistently growing revenues and profitability. Confident, highly energized, effective, and persuasive communicator with strong interpersonal and entrepreneurial acumen. Skilled in global scalable operations and sales development for start-ups as well as established Fortune 500 environments.

Leadership - Transformed culture across multiple departments while growing revenue over
100% without decreasing services to internal and external constituents

Strategy - Created scalable models for operations and revenue generation for start-ups
and Fortune 100 environments

Technology - Experienced in all earned and paid digital media, PR, and marketing along
with CRM and marketing automation software (Infusionsoft/SalesForce/HubSpot)

Collaborator - Consistently increased revenue and decreased costs by negotiating distribution,
sales, and strategic alliances with external partners and service providers

Amazon Product Research & Product Launch Q&A
00:00 Introduction
02:44 There are a tons of opportunity in Amazon
02:46 It’s always a good time to launch a product on Amazon
03:36 Success rate on selling in Amazon
07:56 Product ideas always starts with keywords
08;46 Greenlight for Products ideas criterias are desirablity (search volume), feasibility (can you actually make the thing) and viability (can you make money out of these products)
11:03 Do multiple design filings patent for different aspects of the products
12:40 If the product is selling really well in the first 48 weeks, defend it a little bit with a patent
14:16 The importance of Brand names
16:26 How to select for your brand names and its corresponding domain from godaddy.com
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