SpaceX Starship Record Static Fire Up Next, Starbase Management Change, Cygnus NG-18, JPSS 2 & SLS

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Over at SpaceX’s Starbase at BocaChica this week, all effort seems focused on the first orbital test flight of Starship, with everything on site looking more refined by the day. We should have the SpaceX Starship record static fire up next! Ships coming down, Ships moving out, and a load of intriguing stuff to cover this week (including the Starbase management change). Cygnus NG-18 made its trip up to resupply the international space station, however there was an unexpected hiccup. A final farewell to United Launch Alliance’s Atlas V from Vandenberg in the spectacular JPSS-2 mission. SLS makes its way back to the launch pad for another attempt at its maiden flight.

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