South American Palm Weevil - County Updates and Control Options

This webinar was day two of a two-part series on the South American Palm Weevil. This session covered an overview of palm removal options and planning plus a brief research update of the progress of monitoring for and managing SAPW. Some recent research projects were discussed. There was also a discussion of the red palm weevil, another destructive weevil, and efforts that eradicated it from the Laguna Beach area. An overview of the SAPW status for San Diego County was given as well as what current procedures are in place for reporting infested trees. Finally, activities that have taken place over the last 2 years in the Coachella Valley date industry was discussed.

The webinar was recorded on September 22, 2021. Continuing Education credits are not available for recorded webinars. Closed captions are being reviewed for accuracy and will be corrected as necessary.

Speakers: Mike Palat, Vice President, West Coast Arborists, Inc.
Alison Herrell, Arborologist, Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements.

Bodil Cass, County of San Diego Dept. of Agriculture Weights and Measures.
Seth Birenbaum, Orange County Agriculture Commission .
Thomas Perring, University of California, Riverside.

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