Solutions in Power Platform | ALM, Power Apps, flows & Environments

This video is a beginner's guide to Solutions in Power Platform. I will provide an Overview of Solutions, cover concepts of building Power Apps and Power Automate flows inside solutions, bring your existing App & flows in solutions, export & import Solutions, setup Environment Variables, connect to SharePoint & Dataverse, Managed and Unmanaged Solutions, Solution Publisher, discuss how Environments & Solutions are linked, perform application lifecycle management (ALM) & move solutions across development, test (QA) and production environments & more.

Solutions are used to transport apps and components from one environment to another or to apply a set of customizations to existing apps. A solution can contain one or more apps as well as other components such as site maps, tables, processes, web resources, choices, flows, and more.

Solutions are the mechanism for implementing application lifecycle management (ALM) in Power Apps and other Power Platform products, such as Power Automate.

Video covers the following:
✅ Where to build Apps and flows?
✅ What are Solutions?
✅ Are Solutions premium?
✅ Environment Strategy
✅ Default environment challenges
✅ Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) in Power Platform
✅ Build a Solution - with new Apps and flows
✅ Build a Solution - with existing Apps and flows
✅ Environment Variables
✅ Export & Import Solutions
✅ Solution Publisher

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