SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D: Getting Started - Webinar

Part 3 of this webinar series focuses on developing 3D representations of your harness in SOLIDWORKS. Working with the schematic representation of your harness, we will dive into the 3D side of things. Next, we'll talk about creating 3D Routing paths. Should we use lines or splines for the harness? Should we create a simple path using lines or can we get better results using splines? What about a combination of the two? Watch to learn how to best leverage the powerful features in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D.

Presenter: Johnathen Lieber, Sr. Specialist at GoEngineer

1:01 Building a Harness in SOLIDWORKS Electrical
7:24 Wiring Line Diagrams & Scheming
10:40 Symbol Management
33:02 Connector Dynamic Insertion
45:58 Creating a Route Path with Lines
50:36 Zoom in SOLIDWORKS
50:52 Routing a Harness
54:18 Creating a Route Path with Splines

Products Mentioned:
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Design: https://www.goengineer.com/solidworks/electrical-design/electrical

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