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GGI Partners with now 61+ Top Consulting, Public Policy, and Product Management Organizations for employing GGIians, leading to a 200% jump in GGIians' salary. This time, Bridge to India (Clean Energy, management consulting firm) has collaborated with GGI for strategy and consulting roles.

To learn more, find us here- https://www.globalgovernanceinitiative.org/

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Impact Fellowship & Scholars have positioned GGI Alumni for careers in a variety of sectors. Examples include :

Large Management Consulting Firms such as The Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey, Bain & Company;

International Organizations such as United Nations, and the International Finance Corporation;

Social Impact Consulting Groups like Bridgespan, FSG. Dalberg

Large Multinationals such as Amazon, Unilever, and Procter & Gamle;

Organizations focussed on developing market interests such as Dalberg.

Many large employers find that Impact Fellowship from Global Governance Initiative prepares Young Professionals not only for General Management Positions but also for jobs within governmental affairs, environmental affairs, other functional areas that necessitate an education that goes beyond traditional business skills.

Impact Fellows at Global Governance Initiative are positioned to have a deep understanding of the complexity of national and local situations.

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There are many young professionals who trust me and lookup for my views. So this letter is for those professionals who are crumbling under the stress and strain of their career, MBA, and endless GMAT attempts.

I will also take GGI-related questions in comments- about the mindset on accreditation, collaborations, partnership, and the experience. Naman and I want this full-blown thread to be devoid of personal enmity and for someone who is confused about their career ahead.

There can be few who might take offense to my views - and rightfully so. You have invested a lot of money, emotions, and time in pursuing your MBA. Degrees since time immemorial have been a gateway for the great Indian middle class. But in true honesty, I don’t think all degrees are relevant. I’m sorry, but those are my view. I’d be happy to be proved wrong.

Now here goes my message- I will never advise my younger self to take debt and enroll in a program because it provides a 'degree'. And therefore, I can never advise my LinkedIn community too.

1. First thing first- Is an MBA degree worth it?

A. If you are admitted to Wharton, Harvard, or ISB - it is worth the investment.

At Harvard, you might pay around 1-2 crores. At ISB - it may range around 30-40 Lakh. And it is worth it.

B. But if you are paying a similar amount for a degree from newly formed MBA schools in Gurgaon, or random Australian Schools just because they have a campus - with time it can be hard to justify your choice.

The goal of an MBA experience is 3 fold - to prepare you for not just your 1st job but many more, provide practical multi-disciplinary learning and valuable network for the rest of your lives.

C. India has +5500 B-Schools out of which only 7% are employable. Many of these are money minting machines in the name of the physical campus. It is not their fault as well since that has been the conventional method of teaching and the campus can have its own charm. Moreover, the government requires them to build it so that they can confer degrees.

So if you really want a degree and are not able to get into the Harvard/Stanfords/ISB and their counterparts across the globe- I would advise you to work hard on your Profile, retake the GMAT, and rewrite essays before settling in for a random business school.

Life will be hard - especially when you take big loans for such degrees.

2. Do we confer degrees at GGI?

A. We will never confer degrees at GGI. It is a conscious stand we have taken. Conferring degrees will also make it difficult for us to keep innovating curriculum, learning outcomes, and products with changing market dynamics.

This nimbleness allows us to keep our costs down, allowing us to provide an Alt and Pre MBA at 1% of the cost, making quality business education truly accessible!

B. Many GGIians who desire the formal recognition - end up attending INSEAD, ISB. Kellog

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