So You Want To Be An Anesthesiologist... In CANADA | Anesthesiology 101

Here's what you need to know if you want to be an anesthesiologist in Canada. After completing medical school, anesthesiology is a specialty that focuses on pain management and respiratory management in the surgical and clinical setting. This is how to become an anesthesiologist, how much anesthesiologists get paid, how many hours doctors need to work per week and what the anesthesiology residency program is like. Hope this video is Able to help some people out and stay tuned for the other videos in this series :)

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⏳ Chapters
Anesthesiology Specialty Overview 1:08-1:59
Anesthesiology Residency 2:00-3:27
Anesthesiology Fun Facts 3:28-4:12
Hours Worked 4:13-5:18
Salary 5:19-6:08
Work Life Balance / Quality of Life 6:09-6:57
My Thoughts on Anesthesiology 6:58-8:51

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