Smart Steps in Risk Management - The Risk Strategies that Pay Off Most Often

Researchers tracked the risk strategies of top risk management pros. Turns out, there are two key steps in risk management that deliver success most often. Check out this video to learn how to up your chances of coming out a winner.

Finance psychology expert Graeme Newell explains how our very flawed human brain tends to slip up when we make big finance and life decisions.

Most of our decision-making is done in our subconscious brain. When we make a choice, what happens is that our subconscious brain feels something and then our conscious brain affirms what we already believe.

Overcoming cognitive bias in decision-making is not hard. It’s simply a matter of learning to recognize the signs that a cognitive bias might be likely, then stopping the pattern.

Behavior biases in finance show up all the time. Behavioral science shows us the way forward and gives us smart tactics for making optimal decisions. The key is to learn tactics from finance psychology and behavioral finance concepts that we can put into action throughout the course of our day.

Graeme Newell is a researcher in behavioral investing, behavioral economics and finance psychology. He is a professional economics speaker, a personal finance speaker and an expert in behavioral investing.

In this video, you’ll learn all about how cognitive bias can trick us into making foolish choices. You’ll learn specific ways to recognize the signs that a bad decision is likely, then how to quickly get back on track.

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