SMART GOVERNANCE® - the most complete Enterprise Governance software for your Organization

Corporate Governance establishes proper and relevant business conducting for all Organizations. Good Corporate Governance practices ensure corporate success and economic growth. When well-managed and properly structured, it positively impacts everyone who works within an organization, its stakeholders, and in particular enhances managerial capability.

SMART GOVERNANCE®, by CAVEDIGITAL, is the most complete Enterprise Governance software on the market, empowering Organizations by enabling fit and proper hierarchical decision-making and governance meeting processes compliance with the defined strategy, risk management, accountability, transparency, and ethical business practices.

- Create proposals seamlessly,
- Collaborate with a team,
- Easily submit for formal approval (ad-hoc or hierarchical),
- Schedule in a committee or board meeting to be decided,
- Run agile committee and board meetings, manage meeting agenda, documentation, and in-meeting processes such as electronic voting,
- Automatically generate its minutes document,
- Track and audit all process steps of your proposals,
- And more, much more.

Decision-making made simple.
The choices you make today will define your Organization's future. Act today.

Find out more by visiting our website and requesting your demo at http://smartgovernance.com
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