Smart City Governance for Future

Smart cities are not just cities that are technologically modern. Rather, they use technology for the benefit of their citizens, and to advance sustainability. Thomas Stellmach, Karen Laßmann, Geraldine de Bastion and Rocio Armillas Tiseyra took us on a journey to 2060, asking how a central public space in Berlin was sustainably transformed by better decision making processes and tools.

Together we took a closer look at a couple of questions: How can this mission – a climate-resilient city, a city for the people – be driven by smart city approaches? How can we make better and faster decisions, how can we involve all its inhabitants, how can we communicate better to transform our spaces to make a better city? What would mission-oriented smart city governance look like? The results of this interactive session will be used to further the development of Berlin's Smart City Strategy.
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