Smart Cities for Emergency Management - December 2021 International Roundtable #OCLive

For our last roundtable of 2021, we'll talk about how emergency responders can leverage the new possibilities offered by smart cities.

With an exceptional line up of fire leaders, city leaders, technologists and well-renowned researchers, from 4 different countries:

- Casey Grant, PE, FSFPE Executive Director at DSRAE, LLC and co-author of the NIST Special Publication Research Roadmap for Smart Firefighting (Massachusetts, USA)

- Chief Dan Munsey, MPA, CFO at San Bernardino County Fire Department and Chair of the IAFC Tech Council (California, USA)

- Jaap de Vries, Ph.D. VP Innovation, Science and Technology at FM Global (Massachusetts, USA)

- Kate Kapalo, Ph.D. Kapalo, Information Systems for Emergency Response Researcher (Nebraska, USA)

- Captain Kirk McKinzie, Ret. Fire Captain and President of McKinzie Smart Technologies (California, USA)

- Noah Ryder, PhD, P.E., MBA, Managing Partner Fire and Risk Alliance (DC, USA)

- Paul Ward, Head of ICT and Digital at Coventry City Council (United Kingdom)

- Rhonda Binda, Queens Deputy Borough President (New York, USA)

- Stefan Truthän, Chief Organizational Architect (Germany)

- Wayne Phillips, Chief Superintendent Fire and Rescue NSW (Australia)

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