Small Business Seminar: Business Management by Numbers

Through the years of consulting with Business Owners and Executives of Fortune 500 companies, what we’ve found is, it’s not the Business Owner, Executive, or Organization that is failing.
It's the lack of a comprehensive and agile Action Plan that is.
And without a plan in place, it’s hard to measure the right metrics for day-to-day success.

You can absolutely have the business/organization/team of your dreams, without having to sacrifice your sanity to do so. But it’s going to take putting in place the right systems and operational infrastructure to make it happen. We have developed a 5-part Operations Framework that we use with our clients to align their business goals to their day to day operations, allowing them to Plan, Grow, and Scale in a sustainable manner! It empowers business owners to put in place the infrastructure and systems needed for their organizations. And once in place, they can step away from the confusion of the day to day to-dos and start to look at the big picture.

Our Speaker: Bola Audena, CEO & Managing Partner, MBA Growth Partners
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