Small Business Management for Women and Youth Training Course - 12/2022

Through the Socio-Pastoral Department at Caritas Jerusalem in Gaza, in cooperation with Caritas Poland and co-funded within the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a training course entitled "Small Business Management for Women and Youth" which is a part of the project "Integrated Support for Persons with Disabilities in Hebron Governorate and Professional Activation of Women and Youth Entering the Labor Market in the Gaza Strip" was held over a period of 5 days and 25 training hours for 30 trainees.

The training included a set of skills for developing and managing small projects and working on marketing and managing them financially.

The project aims to build the capacities of youth and women in the field of small business management, enhance their access to decent job opportunities, enable them to establish small businesses that provide them with a decent source of income and create a state of awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship and self-employment.
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