SLOOS: Trillion Dollar Debt Storm BEGINS Forcing Banks to Limit Housing Market and Real Estate Loans

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New Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey just released and shows the Trillion Dollar Debt Storm BEGINS to Force Banks to Limit Housing Market and Real Estate Loans.

The Federal Reserve survey we've been waiting for, was just released, released early, showing how tight lending standards have become. How much more restrictive banks have made lending, how much harder it is to get a loan. This is not only affecting corporations and businesses, but also consumers, homebuyers, home sellers, credit card borrowers, and commercial real estate investors. We review the new SLOOS report, as well as the impacts it causes for the Real Estate Market, the residential housing market, and home prices.

Along with covering this trillion dollar of new treasury bill auctions that the Treasury just announced it is seeking to borrow. How will this $1.007 trillion affect bank liquidity? Make sure to watch this video to find out.

This video is not financial advice.
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