Slice of PI-CASC Seminar: How ridge-to-reef governance in Palau can enhance coastal food security

Coastal resources are fundamental to food security, livelihoods, culture, social fabric, and general wellbeing throughout the Pacific, but they are threatened by inadequate management that fails to account for land-sea connectivity. Palau, a Pacific island nation dependent on degrading coasts, has seen a growing attention towards ridge-to-reef management with varying success. Come listen as Dr. Kirsten Oleson, Michelle Harangody, and Staci Lewis describe preliminary results from a study taking advantage of the unique blend of institutional arrangements and networked conservation areas in Palau that provide an ideal setting to evaluate challenges and opportunities for ridge-to-reef governance using a polycentric analytical lens, insights that may apply in other areas working towards better resilience.

Links to videos in the presentation:
Joyce Beouch discussing PAN (slide 67):
Joyce Beouch discussing BWA (slide 17):
Felix Sengebau from PCC-CRE (slide 23):
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