Skyrim Requiem: A Beginner's Guide

If you are brand new to Requiem or are still experiencing difficulties with the overhaul, then this video will provide you some guidance in your adventure. There are far to many changes in Requiem to cover in a single video but I have provided links below to a few community posts on Reddit that will cover all of the nuances of Requiem.

Community Wiki:

Reddit Guides for Beginners and Advanced Players:

Game Design and Roleplay:

Requiem Discord:

0:00 Introduction
2:33 Races
3:23 Defensive Races
3:46 Offensive Races
5:09 Neutral Races
6:09 Altmer Race
6:54 Skills & Perks
7:34 Alchemy
8:12 Armor Differences & Mass
10:08 Stamina Management
11:47 Standing Stones & Divine Blessings
12:51 Combat
14:06 Mudcrabs
14:27 Wolves
14:43 Bandits
16:30 Sabre Cats, Bears & Trolls
18:05 Forsworn
18:18 Spiders & Falmer
19:23 Draugr
20:25 Giants
21:00 Dwemer Automatons
21:37 Mages
22:02 Vampires
22:39 Dragons
23:23 Dragon Priests
24:01 General Tips
25:43 Conclusion
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